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AMDA Emergency Relief #7: Crisis in Ukraine

Publication date:2022-03-18
On 15 March, *AMDA-TICO joint relief team began its medical relief activities with its local counterpart in Beregsurany, a village at the Hungarian border, where evacuees from Ukraine have been taking refuge.
At a medical outpost set within a local support center for the evacuees, the team (comprising one doctor and one nurse from Japan) has been working around the clock to provide medical care with a Hungarian doctor. The support center is offering food, accommodation, and relevant information to cater to the evacuees’ needs. That day, a total of 10 patients received free consultations and got medicine as needed.
In order to get the relief work going, AMDA will be dispatching the third team (two doctors and one nurse) shortly. The doctors will be joining the ground team from Japan and are expected to arrive in Hungary on 20 March. Whereas, the nurse will be arriving in Budapest from Holland on 18 March.
*This relief mission is a collaborative effort between AMDA and TICO, a Japanese humanitarian NGO based in Tokushima, Japan.
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