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AMDA Emergency Relief #5: Crisis in Ukraine

Publication date:2022-03-14
On 11 March, a joint relief team comprising six personnel from AMDA and TICO met with its local partners in Budapest, Hungary, to discuss further aid work in supporting Ukrainian evacuees.

The team made a visit to former Hungarian ambassador to Japan Mr. and Mrs. Szerdahelyi, the Embassy of Japan in Budapest, as well as rector of Semmelweis University to grasp what assistance had been delivered to those who fled Ukraine.

On the same day, the team confirmed that several aid organizations were providing food, accommodation and relevant information to the evacuees at a few spots around Budapest’s West Station (Nyugati Palyaudvar). The evacuees seemed to have been well taken care of by the Hungarian aid workers who were wholeheartedly extending a helping hand.

On 12 March, the team again left for Kisvarda by train, a border town which AMDA personnel had visited earlier for an initial assessment. After arrival, the team visited Kalpalia Haz, an aid organization carrying out relief activities in the locality. This led the team to meet a Ukrainian doctor who managed several medical outposts on the ground. Since a serious shortage of medical supplies had been a major concern at a local hospital in the Ukrainian territory, AMDA decided to assist the procurement of paediatric medical supplies. (The decision was made following its official request of assistance.)

As of 13 March, the team is continuing to determine what actions could be taken in Kisvarda, while having one of the coordinators to stay in Budapest for coordination work.
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