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AMDA student club members to donate stationery to Guinea-Bissau

Publication date:2022-02-03
On 28 January, Soja City Government in Japan’s Okayama Prefecture sent a batch of stationery to Guinea-Bissau. The aid was aimed at supporting children in the West African nation who often find it difficult to obtain school materials.
For this donation drive, AMDA Middle and High School Students Club supported the said municipality in collecting unused items through street campaigns and other activities.

At the shipping ceremony, Soja city mayor Mr. Soichi Kataoka credited and thanked the students for their hard work. “AMDA’s student club truly deserves credit. Thank you so much,” he said.

Following last December, it was the second time the student body received words of appreciation from the mayor. In the preceding event, Mr. Sorae Suzumura, the leader of the club, received a certificate of appreciation on behalf of the club. “It is indeed a humbling experience to be approved of our achievements. It really encourages us in continuing our activities,” he said.

Although Mr. Suzumura himself was not present at the ceremony this time, AMDA board member Ms. Tae Namba participated in the event and made a speech on his behalf. “We have been really grateful as this donation effort has given our youngsters the opportunity to help create a better learning environment for African children. It gave our students the chance to empathize with the children of the same generation in a faraway place,” she said.
What prompted this donation drive dates back to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games in which Soja City acted as a “host town” to accept Ms. Taciana Lima Cezar, a judo athlete from Guinea-Bissau. In September 2021, AMDA’s student club members immediately started acting in response to Ms. Cezar’s call. She stated that the children in her country were in short supply of school items.

Student club members during the street campaign

Handing over the goods to a Soja city official

After the goods arrive in Guinea-Bissau, Ms. Cezar’s father, the country’s agricultural minister, will be coordinating the item delivery. 


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