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COVID-19 Outbreak #3: AMDA HQ to dispatch med personnel to Okinawa, Japan

Publication date:2022-02-01
On 22 January, the nurse dispatched from AMDA Headquarters completed her work in Okinawa whose healthcare system had been severely affected due to the COVID-19 resurgence. Since the 17th, the nurse had worked at several local facilities in the southern island prefecture.
Under the guidance of the local authorities, the nurse visited COVID-affected facilities where she mainly engaged herself in tasks related to infection prevention and control. The work was conducted in cooperation with local health offices and hospitals dealing with the novel coronavirus cases.

At each facility, the nurse assessed the immediate situation regarding precautionary measures against the viral disease. She checked to see if the earlier instructions that was given had been properly reflected and maintained. When necessary, improvements were made by working in tandem with the facility staff for better management.

The nurse also helped the facility residents’ PCR testing and health monitoring procedures, while referring patients to health offices when hospitalization was required.

“This time, we literally worked as a team. Meetings were constantly held with public health nurses from local health offices and doctors from hospitals responding to COVID-19 cases. It made me realize how important it is to convey the knowledge of precaution in a clear-cut manner. This is because, be it in the facility, workplace or at home, we need to take preventive measures swiftly as the infection spreads at a rapid pace,” the nurse commented.

Although the first dispatch ended, AMDA has been continuously coordinating further aid work.
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