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COVID-19 Outbreak #2: AMDA HQ to dispatch med personnel to Okinawa, Japan

Publication date:2022-01-25
Since 17 January, the nurse dispatched to Okinawa (Japan) from AMDA Headquarters has been working at several local facilities affected by cluster infections. Under the guidance of Okinawa Prefectural Government, the nurse has been engaged in zoning procedures within the facility buildings, while instructing staff members on precautionary measures against COVID-19.

As for the former, the zoning includes specifying the so-called red zones and quarantine quarters for close contacts, as well as designating a change room for workers that need to wear personal protective clothing. As for the latter, the nurse has been giving guidance on thorough hand sanitization, how to put on personal protective gowns, and how to treat garbage in an appropriate manner.

Before and after work, AMDA Headquarters and the nurse have been regularly attending the authorities’ online meeting for information sharing.

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