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AMDA Emergency Relief #1: Flood Relief in Malaysia

Publication date:2021-12-29
AMDA has decided to support relief activities organized by MERCY Malaysia, a leading Malaysian NGO, in response to the recent flooding which struck the central part of Malay Peninsula. According to media reports, incessant rainfalls which continued from 17 December have affected eight Malaysian states, causing extensive flooding. As of the 25th, 46 people were killed and five people have been missing.

When the disaster occurred, AMDA had been in touch with MERCY Malaysia which had worked with AMDA on a number of activities. As there were evident needs for disaster relief, AMDA decided to back up MERCY Malaysia’s aid work. As of now, necessary arrangements are underway.

AMDA’s relationship with the NGO dates back to 2011 East Japan Great Earthquake and Tsunami in which the organization supported AMDA’s relief work. Ever since, both organizations have kept collaborating on humanitarian efforts. Moreover, its representative visited Okayama and participated in a meeting concerning Asia Sogo-Fujo Network for Emergency Relief in 2013. In the most recent case, AMDA rendered assistance to MERCY Malaysia’s COVID-19 vaccination campaign in the remote areas of Sabah, Malaysia.

AMDA’s past aid work in Malaysia
-Oct. 2021: COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign in Sabah (MERCY Malaysia)
-Jan. 2015: Flood Relief (in the northern areas)
-Apr. 1999: Epidemic Relief
-Jan. 1997: Floods in Sabah
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