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2018 Endoscopy Training Program in Nepal

Publication date:2018-03-05
From 23 February to 4 March 2018, AMDA Board Member Dr. Takushi Sato from Japan conducted an endoscopy training program in Nepal.

As an acclaimed endoscopist, Dr. Sato has been holding a professorship at the Faculty of Medicine, University of East Asia in Japan. He has been a supervisor to the Department of Gastroenterology, Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences in Mongolia as well.

The training program was held at Jhapa’s AMDA Damak Hospital, a medical institution run by AMDA Nepal. Aiming to raise the standards of endoscopy in the region where the method is still not popular, Dr. Sato gave in-depth instructions to local doctors on upper gastrointestinal endoscopy techniques and diagnosis of lesions.

During this workshop, 22 patients (20-75 years old) underwent endoscopies for esophageal varices, suspected gastrointestinal bleeding, cardiac pain and other symptoms.

One of the key figures among the local doctors is Dr. Diwash who takes charge of endoscopy at the Damak hospital. He first met Dr. Sato at the time of 2015 earthquake that severely affected the greater Sindhupalchowk district. At that time, Dr. Sato had been taking part in AMDA’s emergency relief activities. Their relationship has been continuing to this day, including Dr. Diwash’s three-month training period at Okayama Saiseikai General Hospital in Japan that began in August 2016.

Eight months after Dr. Diwash’s return from Japan, an endoscope was introduced to AMDA Damak Hospital with AMDA Headquarters’ support. A nurse who had worked with him was surprised to see how quickly his endoscopic techniques had improved over the initial three months.

This time, the number of local people who learned of Dr. Sato’s visit increased day by day, so much so that not all of them could receive examinations conducted under his guidance. Because of this, many requested Dr. Sato to revisit Nepal next year as well.

Dr. Sato (middle)
at Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital

“There are still no doctors in Damak who can perform endoscopy and treatment adequately. For this reason, I keenly felt that it is very important for Dr. Diwash to become self-reliant. This is also what the hospital staff and local communities want,” Dr. Sato said. Stressing the need for continuous training, it was later decided that the program would also be held next year.

In addition, Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital in Kathmandu requested Dr. Sato to organize similar training upon his next visit to Nepal. In a discussion with the hospital officials, it was proposed that Dr. Sato should be granted a special medical license in allowing him to conduct endoscopies directly on patients.

AMDA will strive to train endoscopists in Nepal for the advancement of the nation’s medical sector.

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