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AMDA India Chairperson to join free Ayurveda services

Publication date:2021-12-21
Tomoko Iwao, AMDA Headquarters

Dr. Sethukumar Kamath (middle)

Following a preceding effort in October, AMDA India Chairperson and Ayurveda specialist Dr. Sethukumar Kamath participated in the successive medical assistance program organized by Shrimad Bhuvanendra Thirtha Swami Charitable Trust in the southern part of India.

The charity organization has been offering free medical services every month at different locations upon request. In addition to ordinary consultations, the program provides blood pressure monitoring, blood sugar testing, health-checkup (measuring height, weight and BMI) as well as hearing and visual acuity assessments in accordance with patients’ needs.

On 14 November, 10 Ayurveda doctors (including Dr. Kamath), 10 students and three therapists joined the activities in Kapu (Kaup) in the Udupi district of Karnataka. Seeing 117 patients in total, the team also prescribed free medicine to those who needed it. Other than common symptoms, namely, joint pain, constipation, hypertension, backache and headache, some patients dropped in for mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression.

A therapist taking a pulse

A patient during the consultation

“The program allowed poor people to receive quality medical services for free nearby. If it weren’t for this kind of assistance, they wouldn’t have been able to afford seeing a doctor or getting medicine,” one of the local leaders said. “I am purely doing this out of my commitment to the local community and the Ayurvedic medicine,” Dr. Kamath commented.

A doctor at work

The venue


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