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AMDA Emergency Relief #2: Floods in Henan, China

Publication date:2021-08-31
For the assistance which AMDA provided in response to the floods that devastated Zhengzhou, Henan Province in China in mid-July, AMDA received letters of appreciation from China-related organizations that mediated the relief effort.[paebreak]

The aid took a form of funding as it was virtually not possible to dispatch relief personnel or send supplies due to the novel coronavirus and other obstacles. It was coordinated through AMDA’s registered doctor who had personal connections with China that introduced AMDA to two organizations, namely, the Henan Chamber of Commerce in Japan, and the Henan Association of Japan.

This time, the letters of gratitude were sent by the Henan Provincial Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese (pictured on the left) and the Henan Association of Japan (pictured on the right) to commend AMDA’s assistance.

The text below is the translation of the letter from the Henan Provincial Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese:


"We would like to express our sincere gratitude for the heartfelt support from your organization. We have been utilizing the precious aid for the relief of the victims. Immediately after the disaster struck, we received a lot of concerns from overseas Chinese communities and several volunteer groups. As a result, not only did we receive kind words of sympathy, but we were even given funds (materials) for the affected regions. Your donation plays an important role in the disaster prevention and relief, and in helping the affected to regain their peace of mind as soon as possible.

As the current COVID-19 situation is still very severe, we are convinced that your organization will act as a bridge that helps the development of domestic and overseas aid sectors. With the support from various Chinese organizations around the world as well as our friends at home and abroad, we believe that our organization will be able to overcome the difficulties and triumph over natural disasters and the pandemic. Once again, kindly accept our deepest gratitude for your earnest assistance.”


Although the relief has already been concluded, AMDA will further provide assistance if need be.

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