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AMDA Emergency Relief #11: Hurricanes Eta/Iota, Honduras

Publication date:2021-08-30

As of August, AMDA and AMDA Honduras have been providing agricultural technical assistance to the Agua Caliente village in the city of Texiguat, El Paraiso in Honduras which was devastated by hurricanes Eta and Iota in November 2020. It is a joint post-disaster reconstruction effort whose main objective is to grow crops that are disaster-resilient.

The project has been participated by 65 farming families. Under the guidance of agricultural experts, they have been making beans, potatoes and other vegetables. The outcome has been visible thus far in which the harvest is getting to be plentiful.

"I would like to thank AMDA and GGUIA (Grupo Guinopeno Ambientalista: AMDA’s local partner organization) for the support and knowledge they have brought to us. We used to do slash-and-burn farming combined with a use of chemical fertilizers, but little did we know that it was killing the soil. After we learned the way to make good use of the ecosystem and nature, we stopped using artificial fertilizers. Ever since, the crops seem to be surprisingly healthier,” one of the farmers said.

“After consuming what we planted for ourselves, we were able to share the produce with our friends. We even sold the surplus for our income. Amid the crises caused by the hurricanes and COVID-19, being able to grow crops at home and harvest them for ourselves means a lot for the whole family. It is indeed a blessing. I honestly wished the project could be continued in the long run, so that we could keep learning new techniques.”

(The project is expected to end at the end of August.)


Farmers keenly working on growing;
“disaster-resilient” crops

The farmer (Mr. Garcia) who appeared;
in the above interview

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