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COVID-19 Outbreak: Okinawa, Japan #1

Publication date:2021-08-27

Okinawa Prefectural Government

As of 22 August, AMDA has sent one nurse to the southernmost prefecture of Okinawa in Japan to support a nursing home amid the spike in coronavirus cases in the region. The nurse was dispatched in response to a call for assistance made by the Okinawa Prefectural Government on 30 July. Immediately after the request was made, AMDA started to look for appropriate personnel through its own network of aid workers. Under the prefecture’s guidance, the nurse has been engaged in tasks ranging from elderly care to coordination work with doctors at the nursing home.

In June, AMDA has also sent a nurse to a care home in Okinawa at the request of the municipality. 

Shown below are some of AMDA’s COVID-related response thus far:
  • July 2021: Relief supply donation to Bhutan
  • June 2021: Nursing home support (Okinawa, Japan)
  • May-June 2021: Support for COVID-patient waiting center (Okayama, Japan)
  • Dec. 2020-Mar. 2021: Face mask and garbage bag donation
  • Dec. 2020: Medical facility support (Hokkaido, Japan)
  • Apr.-May 2020: Provision of face masks and disinfectants
  • Feb.-Mar. 2020: Face mask donation to China 
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