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AMDA Emergency Relief #1: Earthquake in Haiti

Publication date:2021-08-16

Jeremie right after the quake struck

In response to the earthquake that struck Haiti on the morning of 14 August, AMDA Haiti will be launching emergency relief on Tuesday the 17th.

The devastating mag. 7.2 quake which hit the western part of the Central American nation killed 304 people, leaving at least more than 1,800 people injured. Over 1,000 buildings including houses, schools and medical facilities have been toppled, media said.

AMDA Headquarters received a call for assistance from AMDA Haiti Chairperson Dr. Mac Keven Frederic immediately after the quake hit. As a result, it was decided that AMDA Haiti would be sending a team of medical personnel to affected areas on the morning of the 17th. The team comprising two doctors, one nurse, one medical student and one coordinator will be heading to Jeremie in the Grand’Anse Department, one of the most devastated regions.

The team will also be carrying out relief activities along the way in several locations as the extent of damage seems to have been widespread.

In the past, AMDA has also conducted emergency relief in Jeremie at the time of 2016 Hurricane Mathew.
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