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AMDA Emergency Relief #1: Floods in Henan, China

Publication date:2021-08-03
In response to the floods triggered by torrential rains in Henan, China, AMDA and its partner have jointly organized emergency relief to support the victims in the nation’s inland province.

A series of flooding was caused by excessive rain falls that have pounded the entire region since 16 July, with some areas receiving up to 400 millilitres of rain in 24 hours (19-20 July). As a result, 56 people were killed and five people have been reportedly missing as of the 23rd.

On the morning of the 21st, a relief effort was coordinated through AMDA’s registered doctor who had a connection with Chinese officials. Accordingly, it was decided that AMDA would send funds through two China-related organizations in Japan that requested assistance in supporting the disaster victims in Zhengzhou City. 

The donation was sent to the province’s overseas aid department through the two organizations, namely, Henan Chamber of Commerce in Japan and Henan Association of Japan, to be used for the procurement and distribution of relief supplies on the ground.

Local media reported that more than 200,000 people in Henan are in urgent need of livelihood support. Factories in Zhengzhou have been forced to suspend operations while the agriculture sector has been heavily hit by the calamity.

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