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AMDA Emergency Relief #10: Hurricanes Eta/Iota, Honduras

Publication date:2021-06-23
In the aftermath of two hurricanes Eta and Iota that devastated Honduras in November 2020, AMDA and AMDA Honduras have been jointly providing reconstruction assistance in El Paraiso whose extensive areas were severely affected. The progress on the post-disaster reconstruction is as follows:

1. Roof repair at a primary school in Saladino, Teupasenti Municipality (Mar. - Jun. 2021)

Due to the heavy rains caused by the hurricanes, the roof of Juan Ramon Molina Primary School in Teupansenti was damaged. The local AMDA team had meetings with the health center of Saladino, the health committee of resident volunteers and carpenters to prepare for the renovation. The work, which began in late March this year, was successfully completed on 8 June.

As of now, the students come to school only once a week to show their homework because of the COVID-19 pandemic. “We are really grateful for the repair on the ceiling. Thanks to that, our 40 students can now study in a good environment,” one teacher said.

2. Agricultural program in Agua Caliente, Texiguat Municipality (Feb. - Aug. 2021)

In an attempt to practice “disaster-resilient” farming, the local farmers receiving AMDA’s agricultural guidance have been working hard in creating a vegetable yard as of early June. As a result, a wide variety of crops including pumpkins, carrots, beans, bananas, and potatoes have been growing well.

At a local primary school that also started a school vegetable garden, the students enjoyed the meals prepared with its own farm produce such as cucumbers and red turnips. One of the school teachers said, "Thanks to the hose which was donated as part of the aid, we can now draw water from the nearby river. As we have water available inside the school, our children no longer need to risk themselves in collecting water from there. Also, the parents are very thankful for the veggie patch which has allowed us to provide nutritious food to the children. I do hope this project continues in the long run. Thank you so much."
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