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COVID-19 Outbreak: Okinawa, Japan #2

Publication date:2021-06-18

Kokusaidori (Okinawa’s main
street) as of early June 2021

On 7 June 2021, an AMDA nurse who had been dispatched to Okinawa for the COVID-19 relief completed her work and withdrew from the southern island prefecture.

The AMDA-registered nurse was dispatched on the 1st in response to the inquiry made by the Okinawa Prefectural Government on 25 May that required assistance in tackling skyrocketing COVID cases.

The nurse worked at a nursing home under the direction of the prefectural government where she engaged herself in tasks such as vital sign monitoring of the residents, assisting the elderly with eating and drinking, while maintaining the facility environment.

AMDA decided to end the mission after the municipality informed that the prospects for required manpower had been secured as days passed.

Although the relief effort has been completed, AMDA will keep in touch with the municipality and provide support as needed.
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