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AMDA Emergency Relief #9: Hurricanes Eta/Iota, Honduras

Publication date:2021-04-30

In Honduras, AMDA and AMDA Honduras have been jointly providing post-disaster reconstruction assistance in the aftermath of hurricanes Eta and Iota that devastated the nation in November 2020. The aid work has been carried out in two locations in El Paraiso. Although months have passed since the storms pounded the nation’s extensive areas, many parts are still on the way to recovery.


1. Agricultural program in Agua Caliente, Taxiguat Municipality (Feb. - Aug. 2021)

Since February 2021, the joint team has launched a seven-month-long agricultural program at Agua Caliente, a village whose staple farm products were destroyed by the hurricanes. Targeting 60 farming families, the program aims to train them in making resilient crops by applying an organic method that promotes the use of non-chemical fertilizers and avoids unnecessary deforestation, both of which optimize the nature’s inherent strength. In its comprehensive approach, every effort is poured into making better and stronger produce by sowing seeds and planting seedlings into the well-maintained soil. Pesticides are also made from leaves and other natural resources.

A school teacher at the planned
vegetable patch

Likewise, it was also decided that a vegetable yard would be made at a local primary school. For this project, the joint team donated a hose for drawing water from a nearby water source as there was no water infrastructure at the school. Lack of water had been a grave concern for the school teachers in respect to hygiene because students used to refrain from going to the toilet or washing hands. When they needed water, they had to walk 15 minutes to get to the closest river. The teachers seemed to be overjoyed with the unexpected news, expressing their gratitude for AMDA’s support and vowing their determination to work harder for their students. “Thanks to this, our kids can now use the toilet and wash their hands. We’ll definitely take care of the vegetable garden, too, for their better diet,” one teacher said.

2. Roof repair at a primary school in Saladino, Teupasenti Municipality (Mar. - Apr. 2021)

At Juan Ramon Molina Primary School in the Saladino district, Teupasenti, its school building was severely damaged by the heavy rains. The joint team has been working to repair its roof as part of the ongoing disaster-reconstruction initiative. Following a meeting with the local health committee, health center and carpenters, preparation for the repair work (including the building-material procurement) began in February. The actual construction started in late March and is scheduled to complete by the end of April.


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