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AMDA India General Secretary to Hold Stress-related Free Webinar

Publication date:2021-04-22

Dr. Meenakshi Joshi
(AMDA India General Secretary)

On 12 April 2021, AMDA India General Secretary Dr. Meenakshi Joshi organized a free webinar with a focus on how to cope with stress through Ayurvedic perspectives. Having been an established Ayurveda specialist, Dr. Meenakshi has already held the seminar twice to share her expertise to be of use to people’s wellbeing. In the world today, stress has been one of the inevitable issues that needs to be dealt with and it became even more so especially after the novel coronavirus struck. The key to overcoming the test of time depends on how each of us manages ourselves in the midst of lockdowns and other restrictions.

In this webinar, Dr. Meenakshi gave guidance on self-care and self-love while introducing practical application of herbal medicine and aromatic treatments that are effective for relieving stress. The webinar was followed by a Q&A session.

[Self-care for minimizing stress]

The first thing you can do is physical exercise. Light exercises, yoga, meditation or even going for a walk makes a huge difference. If you choose to walk, it must not be done for the sake of your legs or feet. The objective here is to relax your mind. Walking in the nature best serves the purpose as it revitalizes your happy hormone and helps detox yourself. It is as effective as taking medicine, and are better than tranquilizers or sleeping pills that only work temporarily and are not good for your health.

Speaking of tuning in with nature, gardening is also another activity that is highly recommended. Loving flowers and plants gives you fulfilment, thereby leading to nurture self-love.

[Understand your situation and think about the solution]

One important thing to note in preventing stress is to look back on your behaviour and actions. For example, it is better to leave where you are now and relocate yourself to somewhere else. You do not have to embark on a major trip, but just visiting your family nearby helps you refresh your mind. And most importantly, do not hesitate to seek help to others and never bottle up your emotions.

As for human relationships, it is important to understand your own situation and find a solution if need be. Especially after you experienced divorce or some kind of separation, do not rush to move onto the next relationship. Give yourself a moment and contemplate. A viable way to do this is to meditate. Chant a mantra and liberate your mind while you are meditating.

[Herbal medicine and aromatic treatments]

Herbs are one of the essential aspects of Ayurveda. One pitfall which people often overlook is how smells affect us in a negative way. We only tend to see the positive side especially when one refers to the efficacy of aromatherapy, but in often cases, the so-called environmental odours could be causing stress.

Normally in Ayurvedic treatments, therapists choose what essential oils work best for different types of symptoms. However, we must take into account that some are not suitable for certain ailments or physical constitutions. If there is no specialist around you to seek advice, unless you are pregnant, follow your instinct and choose an aroma that makes you feel happy.

Generally, lavender, camomile or anything that has a flowery scent are known for their soothing effects. Sandalwood is also recommended. Peppermint allows you to take in more oxygen into your lungs and gives you energy.

Herbal teas such as lavender tea or camomile tea are a better choice over coffee or English tea for your daily consumption.

[Temporary stress or mental disease?]

If you are put under a lot of stress for a long period of time, it triggers severe mental illnesses such as depression. Once it gets worse, it will take more time to heal. The depressive state of mind lowers your sense of judgement and makes you feel emotionally unstable. It also induces physical problems such as hypertension, high blood cholesterol and social anxiety disorder.

If you are formally diagnosed as having a mental illness, counselling or medication should be a must as it is beyond the reach of self-care.

But if your stress symptoms are only temporary, it is better to avoid taking pills and instead, try to detect and eliminate every cause of stress. Remove unnecessary things from your daily life and make a conscious effort in leading a healthy lifestyle. Remember to carry on with light exercises and have a good sleep.

“Start with something simple” - Dr. Meenakshi’s words seemed to have resonated with the seminar participants deeply, so much so that they often gave her a big nod.

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