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AMDA Peace Clinic: Voices of the Mothers-to-be

Publication date:2021-04-22
Tomoko Iwao (AMDA Headquarters)

APC’s affiliated doctor at the consultation

AMDA Peace Clinic (APC) has been offering health and medical services to women in the prenatal and postpartum periods that are residing in the impoverished neighbourhoods of Bodhgaya, India. Twice every month, about 30 women visit the clinic for the regular check-ups. Not only do they seek advice on concerns over pregnancy, the staff accompany them to bigger medical facilities as required. Find out what they have to say about APC and also hear from one of the staff who has been taking care of these women on a daily basis.


Pregnant women waiting in line

Pregnant women receiving dietary supplements
after the consultation

“The first time I visited the clinic was in 2017 when I conceived my first child. After that, I attempted to have a second baby through natural pregnancy, but to no avail. I was diagnosed with infertility and started to see an obstetrician in the next town a year and a half ago.”

“Meanwhile, I heard that a doctor at APC could handle infertility treatment and thought I’d seek help. Although I had to be pregnant to receive the check-ups they offered, they accepted me under the condition that I would cover all the necessary expenses for additional infertility services by myself. Now I receive regular check-ups every month with each costing only 25 rupees. This is far reasonable than elsewhere.”

“If I become pregnant again, APC would be my go-to. I still remember the time when I had my first child; the staff here helped me so much as if I were their family member. My family relies on the clinic and we feel very much thankful for that.”
 (A women who has been undergoing infertility treatment)
“My first visit to the clinic was in 2017 after I experienced two miscarriages. I used to go to a clinic in the next town, but the miscarriages could not be prevented. It was around that time that my local friend told me about APC.”

“As I got pregnant again, I told Ms. Kumari, an APC staff, about what I had experienced. Through her, my condition was referred to Dr. Rita who is responsible for the monthly health check-ups. During that time, I did go through the same symptoms from the time I had miscarriages, however, I followed their guidance and attended every single check-up. As a result, I had my second child, and now I am a proud mother of three and two.”

“I have to say I was lucky to have APC near my house. Had it not been for the clinic and Dr. Rita, I could not have been happy as I am now. I always spread the word about APC.”
(A woman who experienced two miscarriages in the past)
“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have supported APC. We aim to provide coherent care to women in the prenatal and postpartum periods. Also, our food distribution efforts have been vital to those women and their families that are enduring the financial difficulties amid the COVID-19 crisis.”

“Our reputation has been spread by word of mouth, through these women who have come to APC. We even hear from people in other regions who are seeking assistance.”
(Ms. Babita Kumari, an APC staff)

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