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Letters from AMDA Award Recipients in Bodhgaya, India

Publication date:2021-03-23
Tomoko Iwao (AMDA Headquarters)

The letter from the Award Recipient

In December 2020, AMDA Award was presented to 10 students from *Jeanamitabh Free Boarding School in Bodhgaya, Bihar, located in the eastern part of India. Each awardee received a trophy and a 500-rupee bursary which could be used for purchasing stationery and other school items.

This time, AMDA Headquarters received letters of appreciation from the award recipients reporting on how the fund was useful for buying reference books or receiving extracurricular tutoring in preparation for the so-called “board exams” (All India Secondary School Examination). AMDA Award was also featured in the 27 December 2020 edition of Danik Bhashkar News, a local newspaper.

*Jeanamitabh Free Boarding School houses around 120 children from marginalized communities whose average household income is said to be 4,000 to 5,000 rupees per month. AMDA has co-organized clothes and helmet distribution efforts with the school since 2018.

The Awarding Ceremony

The Recipient Receiving the Award

The Local Newspaper


Letters (Excerpts)

Bipasha Kumari

Namaste. My name is Bipasha Kumari. I am fine here and I hope that you are all happy in your county with your family. I study at Jeanamitabh Free Boarding School since my childhood from class one to tenth and now I am in 12th class at Sanjay Singh Yadav College. Without the help from Jeanamitabh Free Boarding school, it was very difficult for me to attend the college since my family income is low. I am really happy that I got this chance to be part of this beautiful school.

I feel proud to receive this AMDA award. With your 500-rupee bursary, I went and purchased an examination book. I want to be an air hostess in the future.

Thank you very much. I wait for your visit to our boarding school to welcome you. Until then, please stay safe.

Jyoti Kumari

Namaste. My name is Jyoti Kumari. I am fine here and I hope that you are happy in your county with your family. Since class one, I have attended Jeanamitabh Free Boarding school until 10th grade and now I am studying at Mina Devi +2 High School. I want to be a childcare taker in the hospital.
I am very happy to receive AMDA award. I hope other students will do good like me. Thank you very much for your support.

Niranjan Kumar

I am Niranjan Kumar from Class 12. I studied at Jeanamitabh Free Boarding school in my childhood up to 10th grade and now I go to Mahesh Singh Yadav College with the support from Jeanamitabh Free Boarding school. I feel very proud to be chosen as the recipient of AMDA award. Because my household income is 5000INRs per month, it was difficult for me to buy study materials. Now, I could buy my reference books with 500 Indian Rupees which I have received. I sincerely appreciate your help.

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