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COVID-19 Outbreak: AMDA Peace Clinic Food Donation in Bodhgaya, India 10

Publication date:2021-03-10
Tomoko Iwao (AMDA Headquarters)

A pregnant woman receiving food aid

While it has been one year since the coronavirus pandemic has broken out, the number of infected cases in India has topped 11 million as of 02 March 2021.

In Bodhgaya, Bihar where AMDA runs AMDA Peace Clinic (APC) domestic tourists have gradually been coming back to this well-known Buddhist sanctuary. However, the local economy has only been catching up slowly considering the pre-COVID days in which the city used to have many visitors from the overseas, says APC local staff.

At the time when the viral infection was starting to spread, people who lived in the city center began to relocate to remote areas where they were originally from. This was largely due to the fact that they could get food from engaging themselves in farming in the countryside. What this meant was that people who remained in the city were those who did not have any other options but to stay. And then came the nationwide lockdown.

Of course, it is fair to say that the situation has improved from the worst time both in terms of people’s livelihood and economy. Nevertheless, among the pregnant women who are registered at APC are from households that are still struggling to make ends meet.

Under such circumstances, APC organized the regular food distribution assistance targeting 40 families (of the registered women) as well as an elderly nursing home operated by a former APC staff. The food aid includes 1.5 kg of dal beans, 1 kg of potatoes, 500 g of salt and 500 ml of cooking oil. To those who were not entitled to the government aid, additional 5 kg of rice were presented.

A pregnant woman receiving food aid

APC staff preparing rice packages

“We have no prospects as to when my husband can get a proper job after he lost his work at a temple due to COVID-19. For the past week, he has somewhat managed to land a job as an auto rickshaw driver,” one of the recipients said. “The pandemic has drastically changed our life and we are always wondering how we would survive each day.  To that extend, the food aid we get from APC is essential as it lasts for a week. We really want to thank AMDA for this kind of support.”


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