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After the relief activities for two consecutive typhoons

Publication date:2021-02-03
Dr. Elrey Navarro (Chairperson, AMDA Philippines)

AMDA Philippines Chairperson Dr.Navarro

While I was in Kazakhstan on November 1st last year for my work, the news broadcast was reporting the devastation in the Philippines caused by Typhoon Rolly. Without any thinking, I started to call and message my family and friends back home for confirming their safety. At the same time, the scenery of my country on TV urged me to extend our necessary help to my fellow countrymen. I immediately called AMDA Headquarters in Japan if we could collaborate on the relief effort and they said, “Yes”. That was the start of almost one-month-long relief activities for the two consecutive typhoons.
Under the COVID 19 pandemic, the relief operations were somewhat different. Since members of AMDA Philippines are mostly medical professionals (hence the frontliners in their hospitals), none of them could leave their workplaces. However, the partners of AMDA Philippines and AMDA Headquarters enabled us to support the affected people in need under the “Bayanihan” spirit, the Filipino term meaning mutual cooperation and assistance.
 For the survivors of Typhoon Rolly on the Catanduanes island, AMDA Philippines worked closely with AMSA-Jonelta, Catanduanes University and AMDA Headquarters. As for Typhoon Ulysses, young medical doctors and medical students got together and named their team “LCAT” (Luzon Crisis Action Team). AMDA Philippines became part of the team to help the affected in Cagayan and Isabella in the norther part of Luzon. All relief goods were successfully delivered, and people there were very happy to receive them as it was right after the two typhoons had passed.

The Damaged House by Typhoon Rolly

The Affected area from Typhoon Ulysses

I saw roads become accessible, and telecommunications were restored soon after that. Now in the reconstruction phase, many fishermen and farmers in the devastated areas are suffering as they lost their means of income at one point. At the same time, I see some organizations starting to help them. It may take some time to recover, but I am sure they will restore their livelihood again. Bangon Catanduanes, Cagayan and Isabela!

Relief Goods Distribution to
the Affected People in Catanduanes

Medical Students Repacking the Relief Goods

Yet once again, AMDA has fostered and emphasized through the said activities the importance of local initiative and global mutual cooperation integrated with the value of Filipinos’ Bayanihan spirit.

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