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AMDA Emergency Relief #3: Earthquake in Sulawesi, Indonesia

Publication date:2021-01-26
A joint medical team comprising aid workers from AMDA Indonesia, Universitas Muslim Indonesia (medical department) and its AMSA branch (AMSA UMI) has been working in Majene Regency, Sulawesi to help the residents hit hard by the January 15th earthquake. Besides offering medical services, the team has been distributing relief supplies.

To the villages that are not accessible by car, the staff members have been entering the areas on foot. On the 19th, about 230 households benefitted from the relief effort after the team walked two kilometres to reach the stranded community. In the local Kabiraan village, mats and power generator were donated to make up for the broken houses and power outage. The generator was originally brought in by the team for its aid work but was later handed down to the village for further use.

According to the announcement by the National Disaster Management Authority (BNPB) on the 22nd, the number of evacuees totalled 87,373 while 91 people have been killed, three people have been missing and 404 people have been seriously injured.
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