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AMDA Emergency Relief #2: Earthquake in Sulawesi, Indonesia

Publication date:2021-01-19
In response to the mag. 6.2 earthquake that struck Sulawesi in Indonesia on 15 January 2021, AMDA Indonesia has been jointly carrying out aid work with Universitas Muslim Indonesia (medical department) and the members of Asian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA) who are studying at the said medical school.

On the 17th, a team of 16 aid workers (including four doctors) arrived in hard-hit Majene to launch medical relief activities. Protecting themselves from COVID-19 with face masks and face shields, the doctors started seeing patients, while the rest of the team distributed food items, blankets and baby diapers. The team carried on with the relief effort on the following day as well.

As of the 18th, the National Disaster Management Authority (BNPB) reported 84 people were killed, 253 people were severely injured and around 20,000 people have been forced to remain evacuated. According to AMDA Indonesia, the extent of the damage is said to be serious as mudslides have caused road blockades in places, while two local hospitals near the disaster site have been afflicted.
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