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AMDA Emergency Relief #3: Hurricanes Eta/Iota, Honduras

Publication date:2020-12-01
In response to hurricanes Eta and Iota which battered Honduras, AMDA Headquarters (Japan) and AMDA Honduras have been conducting aid work in Tegucigalpa, the capital.

On 26 November, the joint team delivered relief supplies to 13 households (40 people) seeking shelter at the city’s Maximiliano Sagastume Elementary School. The items included powder milk and diapers for babies and cleaning equipment.

Most of the evacuees were residing near a local river whose jobs were collecting and selling sand from the sandbank. However, their houses were destroyed by the hurricane which forced them to take refuge at the evacuation facility. In addition, roads that were used to transport the sand have also been blocked, which literally cut off the access to the area. For this reason, local residents have no means to get income at the moment.

As of now, the shelter has been hygienically well managed thanks to the daily cleaning by the locality, and hence no COVID case has been found. Yet, there seems to be mounting stress among evacuees for the prolonged shelter life in which some of them seemed to have gotten emotionally unstable, a local staff said.

The riverside where the evacuees resided

The evacuation shelter

Meanwhile, arrangements have been made for aid work in two more evacuation facilities in the city. In addition, the needs assessment has been continued for a possible relief effort in El Paraiso where AMDA Honduras has project sites.

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