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GOARN’S 20th Anniversary and AMDA

Publication date:2020-11-17

WHO Headquarters, Geneva

GOARN (Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network) is a World Health Organization (WHO)-led international network of partners tackling imminent issues with which the world would be faced at the time of global infectious outbreaks. While conducting field assessments and working to prevent the spread of viral infections, GOARN also engages in active collaborations with its partner organizations through technical training and exchanges.

AMDA president Dr. Shigeru Suganami was invited to a GOARN conference held in Geneva, Switzerland, in 2009 as a temporary advisor. On another occasion, an expert from GOARN was invited to participate in "India-Japan Emergency Relief Training Program 2009" jointly held in India by AMDA International, Manipal Academy of Higher Education and Okayama University (Japan).

Dr. Suganami in Geneva (2009)

Upon its 20th year anniversary, GOARN will be presenting a memento to its partners including AMDA. As the world continues to fight against the novel coronavirus, it is fair to say that GOARN’s role will become increasingly important in overcoming the unprecedented challenges posed by the disease.
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