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AMDA Emergency Relief #1: Super Typhoon Goni (Rolly), Philippines

Publication date:2020-11-04
In response to the super typhoon Goni (Rolly) which struck the Philippines, AMDA Philippines has been preparing to launch relief activities.

Typhoon Goni which made landfall in the eastern part of the Philippines in the early hours of 1 November 2020 wreaked havoc on the island of Catanduanes. The typhoon later stormed across the country, forcing around 370,000 people to evacuate. 

According to AMDA’s local contact, 16 people were killed in Catanduanes and the extensive Bicol region which was severely devastated by the storm.

Since the Philippines has been experiencing a surge in the number of COVID-19 patients in which about 2,000 cases have been reported daily, AMDA Philippines will not dispatch its relief personnel from Manila directly, but is planning to start aid activities which can be led by its local counterpart. As of now, arrangements have been made with concerned parties including AMSA Jonelta which has also worked with AMDA Philippines in the past. AMDA Headquarters will also provide assistance if need be.

(Updates will follow.)
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