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COVID-19 Outbreak: AMDA Peace Clinic Food Donation in Bodhgaya, India 7

Publication date:2020-10-08

A pregnant lady receiving Food Aid

Since the lockdown was lifted on 7 September 2020, people’s daily lives have been gradually getting back to normal in Bodhgaya, Bihar, in the eastern part of India where AMDA has been running AMDA Peace Clinic (APC).

According to a local staff, people are no longer restricted to stay home. Shops are now open while temples and NGOs have also resumed operations. On the other hand, schools are forced to remain closed, and it may take a while for full-scale business activities to revive as tourists are yet to return to the famous Buddhist pilgrimage site.

In light of such circumstances, APC has been constantly distributing food items to pregnant women who are registered at the clinic in the months of September and October as well.

When this food distribution drive began in June, the food aid included yellow and green vegetables for a balanced diet of the beneficiaries. However, the staff had to come up with alternative items as prices of vegetables hiked by five times in recent months. As a result, APC is now providing mainly potatoes and beans which could be preserved for a longer period without refrigeration.

The contents of the aid change every two weeks. The first week of the donation (which is held biweekly) mainly consisted of food supplies such as seasonings and vegetables that could be preserved for a long time. Whereas, items for the second week consisted of only the aforementioned vegetables. As for households that are not entitled to a governmental aid, staple food such as flour and rice have been provided alternately every week.

A pregnant lady receiving Food Aid

Food Aid Carried on Auto Rickshaw

All sets of items have been prepared by the clinic’s three staff on the day before the donation. They handle everything from grocery shopping, confirmation of the list of the recipients, to the sorting and packaging of the goods.

On the actual day of the donation, the staff members cover their faces with face masks and scarves, while keeping a safe distance with those who came to collect the aid. Precautionary measures have been thoroughly put in place in which recipients of the goods are required to wear the masks as well.

Thanks to the good reputation of the food donation drive, more women have visited the clinic for the registration recently.


APC staff Packing Food

Packed Rice


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