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COVID-19 Outbreak: AMDA Peace Clinic Food Donation in Bodhgaya, India 6

Publication date:2020-09-14

A pregnant woman receiving a set of food items

At AMDA Peace Clinic (APC) in Bodhgaya, Bihar which is located in the eastern part of India, a food distribution effort has been carried out since the nationwide lockdown was lifted in June. The food donation drive, which has been held every Tuesday, is targeting the families of perinatal women who are registered at the clinic; as well as a nursing home which is run by a former APC staff. The clinic currently provides a total of 60 sets of food items every week.

On 25 August 2020, the aid distribution was held for the 11th time.

At half past twelve, sets of food items containing beans (1.5kg), cooking oil (500ml), salt (500g), potatoes (1kg), and chickpea beans (500g) were handed out to those who came to collect the items from each household. Additional 4 kg of flour was also provided to those who were not entitled to the governmental aid. The food donation was continuously held on the 1st and 8th of September as well.

Food Distribution

The comments below are what our woman in postpartum and prenatal periods had to say about the assistance:

Babita Devi (22)

“I gave birth to my child by C-section during this lockdown. After my baby was born, I had to borrow money from my neighbors for the medical treatment of my child because of the constant shivering in one’s arms and legs. At the time, we were so broke we had no money to buy even beans which made us difficult to have two meals a day. But thanks to APC’s assistance, we are now able to enjoy meals with the whole family, not to mention myself being able to breast-feed my baby. At one point, we did have a hard time securing rice and flour that are our staple food. However, consulting it with Ms. Babita Kumari at the clinic enabled us to receive the aid.

It is fair to say that AMDA has been part of our daily life now. And for women around myself who are expecting babies, I am recommending them to pay a visit to APC. Everybody thinks positively of what AMDA has been doing. I sincerely want to thank AMDA’s donors and supporters as I learned that all of its activities have been donation-driven. In fact, many NGOs have provided food aid after the lockdown was imposed, but they helped us only once or twice. On the contrary, AMDA has been helping us continuously for a long period of time, whenever we need support.”

Anisha Kumari (21)

“I am now five-month pregnant. When I lived in a village with my husband, I had never received prenatal checkups. I came to know about APC from my mother when I went back to her house in Bodhgaya. On my first visit, APC staff Ms. Babita Kumari told me to see Dr. Rita Verma (APC’s affiliated doctor) at her clinic. There, I received some medicine after going through health exam, blood test and urine test. With AMDA’s support, they are all offered for free, and they even give us foodstuffs.

I must admit there are far more people living in this area that are in need of assistance than those who are capable of helping others. It’s not exaggerating to say that being able to benefit from this kind of care is beyond belief. My mother makes a living from selling vegetables in a tent. However, not many customers have returned even after the lockdown was lifted. I feel very fortunate to have been registered at APC, because the clinic is helping someone like myself who has been faced with difficult circumstances. I sincerely wish your organization a success.”

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