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AMDA COVID-19 Survey (Sept. 2020) #2: Situation in Cambodia

Publication date:2020-09-10
This month, AMDA Headquarters has been conducting a survey targeting AMDA chapters in assessing the COVID-19 situation in each country. The results will be shared on this webpage from time to time.
  • Date: 2nd September 2020
  • Name of chapter: AMDA-Cambodia
  • Total cases in your country (until 1 September 2020): 274 Cases (Most of the cases are imported)
  • Active cases (as of 1 September 2020): 8 cases
  • Number of deaths: 0
  • Number of patients recovered: 266 cases

Dr. Sieng Rithy
AMDA Cambodia

Lockdowns, restrictions and other measures by the government:

No lockdown in Cambodia. The government will allow reopening some schools in September but under strict conditions: with the limited of number of students, and preventive and protection measures in place. The government may introduce online learning as a plus.
Currently, the government still warns about the possibility of the disease transmission in communities, and recommends wearing masks, washing hands with soap or disinfecting hands with alcohol while keeping the social distance.

How is your country’s medical system responding? :

We have a system to respond to this disease at the grass-root level (i.e., communities via health centres; districts via operational health districts; provinces via provincial health departments; our country as whole via Ministry of Health). They have transformed many schools and hotels to be quarantine centres. There are special medical teams for COVID-19 available at all levels. As a side note, there is the so-called Medical Volunteer Team of the Prime Minister to assist the COVID-19 teams in case of need.

In terms of medical equipment (medicine and PPE), we have received donations from China, Japan and USAIDS as well as other NGOs.

Your chapter’s activities against COVID-19 (including future plans):

Not started yet. We just created online information contents through public health professionals in Cambodia to provide more information on this disease to medical students via ZOOM.

We are planning to work with some universities to provide health education and awareness on prevention and protection against this disease in communities and supply PPE to the medical students and volunteers in the future.

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