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AMDA Malino Farm Activity Report (April-June 2020)

Publication date:2020-08-26
We have just received a first-quarter activity report from AMDA Malino Farm in Gowa Regency of South Sulawesi, Indonesia. The organic farm is jointly run by AMDA Headquarters, AMDA Indonesia and local farmers at the Malino village.

Just as everywhere else in the world, the novel coronavirus has taken a toll on every facet of Indonesian society. But that does not keep the Malino farmers away from growing their healthy farm produce; which is undoubtedly at the center of their everyday life.

The cultivation of red rice which was launched last year has set itself on the right path, gradually expanding sales in the past few months. From April through June, the farmers are busy preparing for the rice harvest which will be in full swing from July. They spend much of their time measuring the growth of rice plants and keeping the paddies fit, while tending to their organically-grown vegetables.

Besides the above, the farmers are also busy handling a plethora of daily chores which include everything from feeding organic fertilizers, contacting their buyers, to obtaining packaging materials. On top of that, they are constantly seeking ways to improve the quality of their work by frequently holding meetings among themselves. Their work ethic deserves much praise with an immense sense of awe.

Among the vegetables they grow during this period are mustard greens, lettuce and spring onions. The natural pesticide used to keep pests away are home-made.

At this difficult time in which most of the news headlines are filled with less positive captions, seeing the hard-working farmers encourages us in every respect. The photos which captured the diligent farmers reinvigorate our spirits.

Finally yet importantly, it is fair to point out that there has been a visible increase in the number of Malino farmers who are converting to organic farming in the last few years. We sincerely hope the eco-friendly and safe agricultural approach spreads in other parts of Southeast Asia following this successful example.

Your continued support would be very much appreciated.

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