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AMDA Emergency Relief #4: Flood Disaster in Kyushu, Japan

Publication date:2020-07-10
Since 8 July, AMDA’s relief team has been working at Dai-ichi Junior High School, an evacuation shelter in Hitoyoshi City, Kumamoto Prefecture which was devastated by the torrential downpours. AMDA has been engaged in the relief work with community health workers, DMAT (a government-run medical relief team), local authorities and other aid organizations for about 110 evacuees taking refuge there.

On the 8th, doctors from AMDA and other organizations took charge of medical consultation services for people with health-related concerns. Likewise, AMDA nurses did their rounds at the shelter to look after families with babies or those who require nursing care. As they went around taking people’s vital signs, they reported to community health workers whenever they found someone with health problems. Local hospitals are also in touch with the ground team whenever a referral is required. In one case, an evacuee who was alleged to have cellulitis (a type of skin infection) was recommended a hospital visit for proper care. 

Aid workers, then, began to sort out information regarding evacuees’ health conditions they collected to be utilized for further shelter management. They also provided oral rehydration solution (ORS) to evacuees as some seemed to have had heatstroke.

Although AMDA personnel went back to their accommodation in the evening, an AMDA doctor was on call to respond to medical needs that would emerge in the shelter during the night time. There were cases such as dizziness, external wounds, paediatric nausea as well insomnia.  

As of 9 July, the team has been taking care of patients with injuries, alleged economy-class syndrome and other maladies, while conducting a health survey with community health workers. Moreover, AMDA personnel helped set up cardboard beds and partitions, with other aid workers and evacuees, which were brought in to improve the living environment of the evacuees.

Bearing in mind the possible extension of the project period as well as assistance other than medical and health-related, AMDA dispatched three additional personnel to Hitoyoshi City on the 9th. They joined the ground team that afternoon and has been engaged in needs assessment and coordination work. 

(Further updates will follow.) 
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