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AMDA Emergency Relief #2: Flood Disaster in Kyushu, Japan

Publication date:2020-07-08
Part of AMDA's relief team (one doctor and one nurse) entered hard-hit Hitoyoshi City in Kumamoto Prefecture on 6 July. Upon arrival, AMDA personnel partook in a disaster relief coordination meeting held by the local authorities which was attended by several medical organizations working in the region. 

After the meeting, AMDA personnel were inquired by medical workers from the local Kumamura village to render assistance at Sakura Dome, an evacuation hub, to look after evacuees' health conditions during the night time. 

At the dome, there were about 15 people seeking shelter, along with around 45 cars that seemed to have been taking refuge. Including those who were staying in their own vehicles, none of over 20 evacuees AMDA talked with needed urgent assistance. 

In the morning of the 7th, it was decided at a regular coordination meeting that AMDA and two *DMAT teams would be stationed at the dome to be in charge of medical assistance and other necessary arrangements. The decision was made following AMDA’s proposal for such needs. *Disaster Medical Assistance Team - A government-run disaster medical relief unit

The other part of AMDA team (one nurse and one coordinator) which took a different route to enter the disaster site was forced to stay in Kumamoto City for one night as bad weather hampered them from reaching Hitoyoshi City. The party was at last able to join the advance team on the 7th at Sakura Dome after many hours of detouring. As of now, the full-fledged team is working at the dome under the guidance of several epidemiologists, taking the novel coronavirus infection into account.

(Further updates will follow.) 
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