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AMDA Emergency Relief #1: Flood Disaster in Kyushu, Japan

Publication date:2020-07-07
In response to the torrential rain that struck the Kyushu region in the southern part of Japan on the early morning of 4 July 2020, AMDA has dispatched a relief team to Kumamoto Prefecture severely hit by flooding and landslides. On the 6th, AMDA’s relief team comprising one doctor, two nurses and one coordinator left for Hitoyoshi City in Kumamoto. The team has already been working at the site, exchanging information with local authorities for the upcoming relief activities.

After an emergency weather warning was issued in Kumamoto on the 4th, the overflow of Kumagawa River had inundated the prefecture’s southern areas, causing extensive damage. As more rain has also been feared in its nearby prefectures, namely, Kagoshima, Fukuoka, Saga, and Nagasaki where emergency weather warnings and advisories have been issued, AMDA has been keeping an eye on further developments.

For this relief effort, city governments of Soja and Akaiwa in Okayama Prefecture are also joining forces with the AMDA team. Both municipalities are AMDA’s official disaster relief partners who have collaborated on a number of occasions at the time of emergency relief.

(Further updates will follow.)
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