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AMDA Haiti visits Francois Orphanage

Publication date:2020-06-30
By Dr. Mac Keven Frederic (Chairperson, AMDA Haiti)
On 12th June 2020, a group of personnel from AMDA Haiti paid a visit to Francois Orphanage (Centre d’ Accueil Decilia Francois) in the suburb of Port-au-Prince for food donation and children’s health examination. AMDA Haiti has been working with World Child House Project to support three orphanages in Haiti through a range of livelihood assistance. The latter organization is led by an AMDA-registered disaster-relief coordinator, who is aspired to extend a helping hand to the less-privileged based on her relations with the nation in the last decade.

In the midst of Haiti’s political and economic stalemate, all three orphanages have been faced with difficulty supplying enough food. The gravity of the problem was clearly highlighted in the results of the health check-ups which disclosed the fact that malnutrition has been the most pressing issue that has plagued the children’s homes for some time. In the most recent case, a child fell seriously ill not because of the suspected COVID-19 infection, but due to the lack of nutrition intake.

The AMDA Haiti team purchased food items prior to their visit. After arriving at the Francois, the team soon began to conduct a health check-up on every child residing at the orphanage. The team also observed a new vegetable-garden project which has been run in the courtyard. It is a new effort launched to complement the food shortage.

The idea of the vegetable patch was prompted by one child who suggested growing crops by themselves would help suffice the additional food supply. As of now, fruits and vegetables such as bananas, spinach, carrots, and onions have gradually started sprouting.

The children at the Francois seemed to be satisfied with the improving environment as a whole. They told AMDA Haiti members that they should come visit more often from now on.

List of personnel at the time of visit:
-Dr. Mac Keven Frederic (Chairperson, AMDA Haiti)
-Ms. Josiane Andre (Member, Nurse, AMDA Haiti)
-Mr. Camy Tyson (Member, AMDA Haiti)
-Mr. Justin Junior Joseph (Director, Centre D’Accueil Desilia Francois)
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