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COVID-19 Outbreak: AMDA Philippines’ Activities 3

Publication date:2020-06-11

The 1st part of the series
covered “telemedicine"

AMDA Philippines launched a five-week webinar series entitled “Bayanihan (mutual assistance) Webinar Series” on 30 May 2020. The webinar is scheduled to be held every Saturday in cooperation with AMSA Philippines and other collaborating partners.

The theme for the first session covered the things we need to know about the so-called “telemedicine” which has become popular ever since COVID-19 emerged.

After AMDA Philippines’ occupational medicine physician Dr. Eugene Macalinga gave a lecture on the theme for medical professionals, a Q&A-discussion session followed. Dr. Jose Paolo Porciuncula who is well versed in online medical consultation joined the session to share his expertise.

The questions and topics raised during the session ranged from handling of patient information, things that can be done and cannot be done online, as well as the relationship between patients and medical professionals when dealing with online consultation services.

Dr. Eugene Macalinga during his lecture

AMDA Philippines Vice-chairperson Dr.
Erica Tania Davillo acting as a moderator

The event was participated by a total of 120 people via online meeting app, of which 82 of them directly took part in the session, while remaining 30 people viewed the live stream.

Some participant commented, “I primarily learned that, in spite of the dilemmas thereof, telemedicine has imposed a promising potential towards accommodating individuals who seek medical attention. Thus, it contributes a complementary aid to the struggles of medically non-receiving individuals during the digital age of 21st century, and surely beyond ages.”

Another said, “The session gave me another perspective of seeing patients and gave insights on how would I be able to assess and manage them initially via mobile communication. At the end of the day, physical consultation is still important as some assessment needs other assessment like percussion, palpation, and auscultation and even laboratory diagnostics. I think telemedicine would be revolutionary (if given an importance, study and assessment, and proper implementation), since the initial consultation may already give us an idea of the condition and confirm it when we see the patients later on.”

The webinar participants

The audience listening to the seminar

AMDA Philippines’ Collaborating Partners:

  • Philippine College of Occupational Medicine, Inc.
  • Perpetual Help Medical Center Binan
  • San Pedro College, San Pedro College Pharmacy Department
  • Clinical Pharmacy Support Group in the Philippines
  • Brokenshire College Pharmacy Department
  • Global Health Pharmacy in Asia
  • Tagum Doctors College, Inc.
  • Catanduanes Doctors Hospital, Inc.
  • Center for Pharmacy Practice, Research and Policy in Asia
  • St. Alexius College
  • Holy Child College of Information Technology,Inc.
  • Tagum Doctors Hospital, Inc.
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