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COVID-19 Outbreak: Voices of AMDA Relief Beneficiaries (1)

Publication date:2020-05-12
With 32 chapters around the globe, AMDA has been keeping a close eye on the current COVID-19 outbreak since January 2020. AMDA’s initial response was to provide facial masks to people and medical facilities in China in February. AMDA Nepal and AMDA Headquarters in Japan donated the items.

Since then, AMDA chapters have acted swiftly to cater to the imminent needs for assistance in line with the spread of the viral infection in which AMDA Philippines, AMDA Indonesia and AMDA Afghanistan have each provided medical consultation services and sanitary goods in their own countries. AMDA Cambodia was also keen to donate relief supplies.
Japan is no exception in this regard where AMDA Headquarters has constantly been supporting its relevant medical institutions by trying to fulfill the lack of personal protective equipment such as masks and sanitizers. The target beneficiaries are of those who have worked with AMDA in the past that were mostly engaged in AMDA’s humanitarian activities.


The below are what our donors have to say about AMDA’s COVID-19 emergency assistance:

"We are very fortunate to have been able to receive the precious facial masks. We hope to make use of them for the health of our local people. Thank you so much for your continued support. Wishing you the best. “ - Kuroshiocho Kobushinokawa Clinic (Kochi Prefecture, Japan)


“Although there has been over 20 infected cases in the prefecture as a whole, our city has managed to keep the number to zero for the time being. In the midst of such uncertain times, however, we had been struggling to procure medical supplies in preparation for the days ahead. To that extent, the donation we received from your organization has encouraged us immensely. While we hope for the earliest containment of this calamitous situation, we are determined to do our part in fulfilling our social responsibility as a local medical facility.” - Kurashiki Heisei Hospital (Okayama Prefecture, Japan)


“The moment we received the sanitizers, we immediately delivered them to one of the facilities we run for mentally-handicapped children. Because we had to look for alternative supplies, the aid was indeed a great help.” - Asahigawasou Medical Welfare Complex (Okayama Prefecture, Japan)

According to Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center, the latest figures (as of 12 May) show that more than 4,170,000 infected cases have been confirmed worldwide with the death toll topping 280,000. AMDA is planning to sustain its assistance in the hope of contributing to medical and welfare workers who are fighting the pandemic.

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