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COVID-19 Outbreak: AMDA Philippines' Activities 1

Publication date:2020-03-30

Dr.Navarro consulting
patients online

AMDA Philippines Chairperson Dr. Elrey L. Navarro has sent in an activity report in regards to the chapter’s efforts in tackling the current COVID-19 outbreak.

Free online medical consultations:

Due to the raging Coronavirus pandemic, there has been a rapid surge in the number of infected cases and fatalities around world including those of medical professionals’.

In the Philippines, the so-called Enhanced Community Quarantine has been imposed throughout the Luzon as well as Cebu which restricts the movement of people. Except for medical facilities and shops that sell necessities, every household is a target of self-quarantine.

In the midst of such public health crisis (especially in terms of the access to healthcare during this community quarantine), AMDA Philippines has launched a program to offer free online medical consultations, medication counselling and psychological first aid. The project is a collaborative effort between AMDA Philippines, Global Health Pharmacy Network and Brokenshire College Pharmacy Program.

First, the users can register at its website and fill out the necessary information such as one’s medical history, health conditions and personal concerns. If available, a chest x-ray and its result, as well as prescriptions can be submitted, which helps the team better understand the symptoms. The team comprising volunteer doctors, pharmacists, social workers, counsellors and nurses will then contact those who are seeking help by phone. For now, the service is set to be offered for one month.

AMDA Philippines
Free Online Medical Consultation

Dr.Erica from AMDA Philippines
consulting patients online



Facial Mask Donation

Donating N95Masks

From the 13th to 18th March, AMDA Philippines donated a total of 160 units of N95 masks to three organizations, namely, Ospital Ng Maynil, Rizal Medical Center and Go Share. GO Share is an NGO that worked with AMDA Philippines at the time of Taal Volcano eruption in January this year.

Dr. Navarro concluded his report with a slogan to call for solidarity: “Together as one, We heal as one”.
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