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AMDA Emergency Relief #3: Coronavirus Outbreak, China

Publication date:2020-03-11

AMDA has donated sanitary masks to China as coronavirus emergency response.

On February 26th, 16,000 masks which AMDA Nepal donated arrived in Beijing after three weeks from the shipment. The Japanese Association in Beijing acted as the receiving end to help supply the aid to local medical facilities and Japanese nationals residing in the city. The masks were also sent to people in Tianjin which seemed to have brought so much relief to them. (

Meanwhile, as logistics has become gradually difficult, 1,000 pieces of masks which AMDA Headquarters sent earlier have been stuck at the cargo station, awaiting the shipment resumption. The plans were underway for additional donations, however, they are currently on hold considering the status quo.

On March 4th, Japan’s health ministry said the situation will likely remain critical for the time-being as 94,150 people have been affected, with the death toll reaching 3,275 worldwide.

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