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Ms. Sadia Rashid of Hamdard Foundation receives prize from Japanese Emperor

Publication date:2020-02-20
AMDA’s long-time partner in Pakistan, Ms. Sadia Rashid of Hamdard Foundation, was conferred by the Emperor of Japan “The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon” on 24th January 2019. Serving as President of Pakistan-Japan Cultural Association (PJCA) Sindh, Ms. Rashid has contributed to deepening the friendship between Pakistan and Japan for many years.

Her late father Dr. Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said has had an enormous influence on AMDA President Dr. Shigeru Suganami ever since their relationship began decades ago. Even after his demise in 1998, his wisdom has helped Dr. Suganami pave the way in running his own organization.

Both known for his forte as provincial governor of Sindh as well as his leading research in Eastern Medicine, Dr. Said is hailed as Pakistan’s one of the most prominent figures in recent times. With his untiring humanitarian spirit, it was he who founded Hamdard Foundation which now runs medical institutions and hospitals in the nation. AMDA Pakistan is indeed one of his noteworthy creations which made a mark in uplifting the lives of impoverished people in the Sindh region and beyond.

Ms. Rashid has taken over her father’s venture and spearheaded Hamdard Foundation while maintaining her philanthropic work. This includes cultural exchange between Japan and Pakistan as well as Japanese language education for Pakistani nationals, all of which led her to receive the prestigious prize.

In celebration of her conferment, Consul General Mr. Toshikazu Isomura of the Japanese Consulate in Karachi expressed his gratitude toward the assistance which PJCA provided at the time of East Japan Great Earthquake and Tsunami in 2011. Immediately after the calamitous quakes struck Japan, PJCA held a charity walk called “Solidarity Walk” in helping the disaster-hit nation.

Her conferment came just a year before it marked the centennial of Dr. Said’s birth. Calling Dr. Suganami “my dear brother” with a sense of endearment, there has always been a strong bond between Ms. Rashid and he which was nurtured through years of relationship that almost resembles that of kinship. The news made Dr. Suganami so proud as if he were her real brother.

With their virtuous deeds, it is without a doubt that the two will continue to inspire their peers as much as their mentor continues to inspire them.

  Dr. Suganami and Dr.Said at his house in Karachi (92)
    •  Pakistan
    •  2020