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AMDA Emergency Relief #1: Typhoon Kammuri (Tisoy), Philippines

Publication date:2019-12-10

On December 10th, AMDA dispatched one relief coordinator to the Philippines in response to Typhoon Kammuri (Tisoy) which struck the nation earlier this month. AMDA will be organizing aid distribution in Northern Samar, one of the severely afflicted regions.

After making landfall on Sorsogon in Southern Luzon, the typhoon swept through the country’s central part without showing any sign of weakening. National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) said five people were killed, 322 people were injured and more than 95,000 people have been displaced. The affected population as whole is estimated to top 1,560,000.

In Northern Samar alone, approximately 240,000 people have been afflicted and over 17,000 people have been seeking shelter (as of December 9th).

Earlier on, AMDA’s local counterpart had already consulted with AMDA about a possible relief effort, foreseeing the arrival of the typhoon. This prompted active information sharing in launching the emergency relief.

The coordinator will meet up with the staff from the local counterpart in Manila and will head to Northern Samar on the following day. The joint team will provide daily items such as food and water, and hopes to fulfill local needs in a flexible and coherent manner.

(Kindly stay tuned for more updates.)

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