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AMDA Emergency Relief #7: Typhoon Hagibis, Japan

Publication date:2019-10-29
AMDA has been continuously carrying out relief activities in Nagano City and Marumorimachi although a weather alert was once issued due to a heavy rainfall on October 25th.

Miyagi (Marumorimachi):
On the 23rd, acupuncture treatment was added to the services AMDA has provided at Marumori Elementary School since the 16th. The treatment is now offered from 9am to 8pm daily for the evacuees seeking shelter at the school.

Initially, the therapy was offered at the bedsides of patients who were collectively accommodated in the school gym. However, the school was kind enough to allocate a room for the treatment within its quarter, thereby enabling the therapists to secure a more private space for the treatment. Among 23 people who had acupuncture on the 24th and 25th was a man who said he was “able to wake up from his bed and climb the stairs smoothly” after the therapy.

It was once feared that the said rain could stop the service temporarily, however, a team of three therapists has been continuing their work as rain had calmed down by the 26th. 

(The activity is supported by Disaster Reconstruction Center MIRAI based in Soma, Fukushima Prefecture.)

AMDA has been assisting the reopening process of San-ikukai, a local medical facility, based in Toyono, Nagano City.

As of the 25th, the preparation work is underway to be in time for the scheduled reopening of the outpatient services in early November. The hospital operation was crippled after its ground floor was submerged by flooding. However, AMDA’s past experience in 2018 West Japan Flood Disaster (in which it helped rebuild a local hospital) has provided the hospital with worthwhile guidance and advice for the service resumption.
Besides the total facility cleaning, the team is working hard to put the second floor in order where the hospital disaster-response headquarters is currently located. In order to enhance its sanitary environment, door mats were additionally set to the “no-shoe” zone to avoid the place from getting dirty. Meanwhile, AMDA personnel also prepared medical instruments and cleaning equipment which will be immediately needed upon resuming the clinic services.


(Throughout the relief, AMDA personnel have been accommodated at Tenrikyo Shinshu Nagano Branch Church.)
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