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AMDA Emergency Relief #4: Typhoon Hagibis, Japan

Publication date:2019-10-18
AMDA started assessing information on October 11th in Chiba Prefecture before the landfall of Typhoon Hagibis.

On October 13th, AMDA medical team moved to Nagano Prefecture where the storm caused a severe destruction. October 14th, along with AMDA’s partner municipality teams from Soja and Akaiwa Cities, left for Fukushima Prefecture. Additionaly, AMDA started emergency relief mission on October 16th for the victims of the disaster caused by the typhoon in Miyagi Prefecture.

In Nagano City, with the request from the city’s health bureau, AMDA medical team started health consultation in the evacuation shelters within the city. A plan to raise the evacuation shelter measures had been discussed that AMDA decided to dispatch another coordinator from Okayama on October 17th.

Simultaneously, AMDA continues the relief effort to support the typhoon victims in Soma City in Fukushima Prefecture, and Marumori-machi in Miyagi Prefecture.
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