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AMDA Emergency Relief #3: Typhoon Hagibis, Japan

Publication date:2019-10-17
In addition to working in Nagano and Fukushima that were severely affected by Typhoon Hagibis, AMDA has also started its relief work in Miyagi Prefecture on the 16th of October.

On the 15th in Nagano City, AMDA provided 24-hour health and medical support at two evacuation shelters, namely, Toyono-Nishi Elementary School (250 evacuees) and Minami-Nagano Sports Park (40 evacuees). The details are as follows:

Health and medical consultations:
AMDA offered health and medical consultations to people with chronic illnesses (e.g. high blood pressure) or ill-health as well as to those who had been on medication but run short of medicine.

Cardboard beds:
Although there weren’t enough units for all evacuees, AMDA and the shelter administrator decided to primarily provide cardboard beds to elderly persons and people suffering from bodily pain.

Hygiene management:
Since many people tend to come back to the shelter in muddy shoes after clearing debris, “no-shoes” areas were set by AMDA and the shelter administrator for the purpose of hygiene management. AMDA also conducted toilet cleaning.

Disaster assessment in nearby areas:
AMDA personnel visited Toyono-Higashi Elementary School and its nearby evacuation sites that were not covered in the initial assessment. The findings were reported to Nagano City Health Bureau.

Overall, AMDA’s night-time health and medical consultations have managed to lighten the anxieties of people with ill-health, those who haven’t been able to sleep or families with newborns. In addition to the ongoing activities, AMDA is closely working with Nagano City’s public health nurses to conduct mobile assessments in the vicinity. (Also inquired by Nagano City Heath Bureau)

Fukushima and Miyagi:
From the 16th, AMDA personnel (one nurse, one coordinator and one physiotherapist) have launched a range of activities at Sports Arena Soma (52 evacuees) in Soma City, Fukushima Prefecture. In line with the health-related hearings with evacuees, AMDA, the shelter administrator and public health nurses decided to furnish disinfectant sprays at the entrance and in toilets to minimize the risk of infectious outbreaks. At the same time, a makeshift cafeteria was set within the shelter as a place for people to eat and lounge.

Meanwhile, one coordinator from AMDA took part in a medical relief coordination meeting held at Sennan Health Bureau in Miyagi Prefecture. The health bureau inquired AMDA to work in the town of Marumori-machi located in the prefecture’s southern region. Together with TMAT, a Japanese NGO also specialized in medical relief, AMDA will start providing aid at Marumori Elementary School currently being used as an evacuation hub. (This project is supported by Disaster Reconstruction Center MIRAI.)

(Please stay tuned for more updates.)
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