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AMDA Emergency Relief #2 (Summary): Typhoon Disaster in Chiba, Japan

Publication date:2019-09-17
On 13 September 2019, AMDA dispatched a relief team to typhoon-hit Chiba Prefecture which had been faced with prolonged power and water outages over wide areas. This time, AMDA collaborated with Soja City Government and Akaiwa City Government (both located in Okayama) to organize a relief effort. The two municipalities have been AMDA partners in the realm of disaster relief.

13 September:
The joint team arrived in Kimitsu City in the Prefecture’s southwest. After taking part in a disaster-response meeting held at the city health bureau, the team conducted a needs assessment in seven local evacuation centers. The survey revealed that only a few people had been seeking shelter in the area, let alone with little needs for medical assistance and relief supplies. Although power and water outages had been a major inconvenience, most of the local people could stay at home and did not need to seek shelter elsewhere. Accordingly, the only time they needed to visit evacuation centers was when they had to collect water and food items.

14 September:
The team moved to the nearby Awa-Minamiboso area by the coast. The team worked with Awa Medical Coordination Headquarters to conduct a needs survey at seven elderly homes. At some of the facilities in which the outages had been continuing, flushing toilet was especially troublesome on higher floors. This is because staff members had to carry a bucketful of water (by hand) to the second floor and the above.

In addition, the facilities had to increase the number of rounds to put the elderly people at ease as they were forced to spend their time without lights or electricity. Despite such circumstances, they required no assistance from the outside as facility operators themselves were handling the situation very well.


15 September:
Commissioned by the said headquarters, AMDA team was separated into two groups to visit 16 households in Minamiboso.  Some home owners had water leaks from the broken roof, while some said they were concerned about the upcoming weather which could spoil the clearing work they had just finished. Overall, however, no medical needs were found.


16 September:
Just as the previous day, the team was separated into two groups to work in the headquarters and the Minamiboso area. Amid the rising concerns due to the issuance of weather alert in the morning, no urgent medical needs were found in four shelters AMDA visited.

After learning that Chiba Prefectural Government can rely on itself in deploying health workers, AMDA decided to end the mission and withdrew from the area. The case has come to a close. However, AMDA will keep an eye on the situation as some areas are still facing a blackout.

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