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AMDA Emergency Relief #1: Typhoon Disaster in Chiba, Japan

Publication date:2019-09-13
In response to a huge typhoon (Typhoon Faxai) that struck the greater Tokyo region, on 12 September AMDA sent one relief personnel to Chiba Prefecture in the Tokyo suburb which has been faced with severe power and water outages. The personnel will be conducting a needs assessment on the ground for a planned relief effort in the days to come.

While thunderstorms and fallen trees have hampered the outage recovery work, Chiba Prefectural Government inquired the Japan Self Defence Forces (JSDF) to dispatch water trucks to a number of locations. Thousands of local residents have been enduring soaring temperatures for the last couple of days, making a long line for emergency water supply provided by JSDF relief teams. In the meantime, local grocery stores and convenient stores are running out of food items. 

Accordingly, AMDA is planning to launch a full-fledged relief effort with aid workers from Soja City Government and Akaiwa City Government (from Okayama), both of which have been AMDA’s collaborating partners for disaster relief. The joint team of seven personnel (including one nurse and one coordinator) is expected to leave for Chiba on 13 September.

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