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Medical Technology Transfer in Mongolia: Report from Prof. Takushi Sato

Publication date:2019-07-30
By Ms. Tae Namba (AMDA Headquarters)

From 26 April to 05 May 2019, Professor Takushi Sato from University of East Asia (Japan) paid a visit to Mongolia to partake in AMDA’s medical technology transfer projects. Besides being a faculty member of Allied Health Sciences Department at the said university, Prof. Sato has been serving as AMDA Board Member as well.

Since 2016, AMDA has annually organized 1) endoscopy technology transfer at Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences (MNUMS), and 2) training in the realm of emergency medicine at Ulaanbaatar Emergency Service 103.

His contribution to the Mongolian medical scene has been highly praised by local medical officials. In fact, there has been a constant call for the projects to be continued in the years to come.

We recently received summary reports on both projects from Prof. Sato. The reports can be downloaded from the links below:
-Transferring Japan’s expertise in Mongolia’s emergency medicine.pdf
-AMDA transfers endoscopy techniques to Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences_MNUMS.pdf
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