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AMDA Relief #2: Cyclone Fani, India

Publication date:2019-05-22
In the morning on May 18th, Dr. Ramachandra Kamath, the AMDA India doctor, has discussed with Seva Bharti, the AMDA’s local counterpart. As a result, they decided to distribute 25 blue tarps to five villages such as Birapratapur, Pachaspole, Bhoisahi, Chandanpur and Sadar Block in Puri district, Odisha State, one of the most affected areas by Cyclone Fani. One of the people who received the tarps said, “we will use them for covering the damaged roofs to prevent from leaks in rain.”

On the next day, Dr. Ramachandra and the representative of Seva Bharti, the AMDA’s local counterpart, visited one village along coastline in the same district and asked the people about their experience after the cyclone. Many of the houses made by mud walls were completely destroyed. Some fishermen cannot go to the bay for fishing because their boats were broken by the cyclone. There were also some families who lost their livestock due to the cyclone. On the other hand, the people started to rebuild their life back after two weeks. Some villagers were making clay pots for cooking as they were no longer usable after the cyclone.

AMDA will continue to monitor the situation in the affected areas closely together with AMDA India and Seva Bharti.

In fact, AMDA and AMDA India also conducted the relief activities for the people affected by the 1999 Odisha cyclone which killed more than 10,000 people.
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