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Bore-well Construction in Bodhgaya, India (3)

Publication date:2019-05-08
By Tomoko Iwao, AMDA Headquarters

Ecoles de la Terre Welfare Society

Mr. Rajesh Kumar who heads Ecoles de la Terre Welfare Society Secretary sent us a message in regards to the recent bore well project in Danpur, Bodhgaya.


A school it runs in Bodhgaya

“Myself Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Secretary of Ecoles de la Terre Welfare Society want to say "Thank you" to AMDA for providing bore well installation in Danpur, Mathiyani, Gaya (Bihar) which is very much helpful for the poor people; that can be used for irrigation, shower and daily uses. It would also help them in keeping themselves healthy and fit. I appreciate the work done by AMDA and I would be pleased in helping this organization in the future also. If AMDA takes such initiatives in other impoverished villages also, then it would be wonderful.”


Sewing class

Computer class

Ecoles de la Terre Welfare Society

Originally started in Switzerland in 1998, Ecoles de la Terre Welfare Society has been a government certified humanitarian organization in India as well. It aims to provide a range of support to the poor which includes children’s education, technical training for youths, microfinance for mothers of school-age children and medical assistance in the states of Bihar, West Bengal, Rajasthan, as well as in Delhi, the capital.

The organization runs 28 schools in five urban districts and 73 villages with a total number of 4,376 students (2,091 boys and 2,285 girls). Likewise, it also runs five schools specialized in technical training, all of which are located in Bihar, West Bengal and Rajasthan with a total number of 1,289 students (107 men and 1,182 women).

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