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2018 Annual Report: Japan India Friendship Medical Center Trust (JIFMCT)

Publication date:2019-04-24
India has been AMDA’s focal point in carrying out its medical and social empowerment programs. Especially, Bodhgaya, located in the poorest state of Bihar, has been AMDA’s activity hub in the nation where it runs AMDA Peace Clinic (APC) that mainly provides medical and health-related services to the people in the area.
Many of the efforts have been held in collaboration with Japan India Friendship Medical Center Trust (JIFMCT), one of AMDA’s affiliate organizations, which was set up in 2012. Until now, the two parties have worked together on a number of occasions to organize a range of humanitarian activities which include disaster medical relief, donation of daily supplies, agricultural assistance and social infrastructure reinforcement.

While having its main office in Bangalore, plans are underway for JIFMCT to set up an office in the outskirt of Bodhgaya. By having its activity base in the area, it is hoped that more joint projects with APC would be launched in the years to come.
The 2018 JIFMCT Annual Report can be downloaded from the link below.
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