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Bore-well Construction in Bodhgaya, India (2)

Publication date:2019-04-23
By Tomoko Iwao, AMDA Headquarters

Women at the village doing the laundry


For many years, AMDA has provided services pertaining to maternal and infant health at Danpur, a village located six kilometers from the central Bodhgaya in Bihar. This time, a bore-well construction project was launched in this very village. (Danpur is the closest village from the place where AMDA’s affiliated organization, Japan India Friendship Medical Trust, is currently trying to set up its hub.)

In November 2018, based on an inquiry from the villagers who were having trouble drawing water from its village pump, AMDA decided to jointly construct a new bore well with Mr. Rajesh (who heads Ecoles de la Terre Welfare Society, an India-based charitable society that runs a school in the locality) and Ms. Vedha (former AMDA Peace Clinic staff who now runs Vedha Mother Teresa Welfare Trust.)


The Villagers gathering around the well

A hut attached to the well

The well was finally completed on 13 March 2019. The villagers gathered to celebrate its completion.

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